Fiona Brown, Psychologist

Fiona holds an Honours in Psychology and, in 2004, she was awarded a first-class Masters in Clinical Psychology from the University of Cape Town, South Africa.

Fiona has extensive experience working with adults and adolescents presenting with mental health issues, including: anxiety and depression; adjusting to life changes; dealing with relational complexities; managing post-natal anxiety and depression; processing traumatic experiences; and recovering from early adverse experiences. Her clinical experience includes working as a therapist in a private practice for 7 years, and as a Wellbeing Coordinator and counsellor at a girls’ high school in South Africa for 8 years. More recently, Fiona has worked as a group therapist at St John of God Hospital (SJOGH) in Burwood, Sydney. In this role, she facilitates an adult trauma program for first responders experiencing post-traumatic stress, and a Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) program for clients struggling with emotion dysregulation and interpersonal difficulties.

Fiona is a warm, open-minded, perceptive and empathetic therapist who partners with her clients to help them make sense of and tackle their life challenges. Regardless of whether the therapy is short or long-term, she believes that healing and growth almost always takes place in the context of a caring, consistent and non-judgmental relationship.

In short-term therapy, Fiona assists her clients to define their goals so that they are clear and achievable within the set time frames. The focus in this form of therapy is quite narrow; it often focuses on the development of new skills and making thoughtful decisions to enable clients to live life with a greater sense of joy and connection.

Fiona views longer-term therapy as a shared journey of exploration into how we have been shaped, and how our past impacts on our current choices, responses and relationships. This process generally involves a conscious choice by clients who wish to seek greater understanding and acceptance of themselves, at the same time as they work to shift negative self-perceptions and unhelpful patterns in their relationships.

Fiona works within a psychodynamic framework and also draws on more structured approaches such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) to assist clients with strategies to manage specific anxieties and life struggles more effectively.

At our practice, Fiona works with adolescents, adults and couples, seeking short- or long-term therapy for anxiety, depression, relational difficulties, adjustment problems, struggles in the peri-natal period, and low self-esteem.



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